Oregon Horse Country

Oregon Horse Country

Oregon Horse Country, aimed at promoting horse-farming communities across the state, is an initiative to coordinate the region of equestrian-friendly businesses and promote horse-related tourism in the Wilsonville area as well. Quail Hollow is extremely exciting to be a part of the Wilsonville Chamber of Commerce’s new Oregon Horse Country initiative. This project will expand on the Chamber’s current equine promotional events and expand upon the existing equine clubs that have already been established. This is, after all, a great community for those in the horse industry to come and meet and network. “We’re really looking forward to sharing the love of riding with the residents of Wilsonville,” says Pam Poindexter, who owns Trail rides with her husband, Dean. “It’s just been a dream for us to be able to share our passion with the people in this area.”

Oregon Horse Country Program

The idea behind the Oregon Horse Country Program is to help create and sustain an environment conducive to the growth of the equine industry while also providing a relaxing and fun environment for those who enjoy spending time out in the saddle. For anyone who’s ever visited Oregon, this can be a gorgeous state with mountains and valleys and vast stretches of sagebrush-filled plains and alpine forests. And for those who own horses, it offers the chance to take a break from a hectic daily routine and get back to being a part of something much more. However, not everyone lives in or near the Oregon horse country, and some find it hard to find time to come to Wilsonville, OR, and participate in one of the chamber’s events. “We know that we can make everyone feel welcome at Wilsonville,” says Pam.

Programs throughout Oregon have seen an increase in the number of participants over the past few years as the state has emerged as a national leader in the equine industry. Pam and Bill bring the OHRP to many different shows throughout the year, and they’ve used their website to expand the scope of events that they can host. “We have even been invited to host races in states like Texas and New Mexico,” says Pam. “This gives us a chance to reach people we wouldn’t normally have traveled to and spread the message about the equine industry.”blank

For example, the Horse Industry Learning Center in Wilsonville conducts a free show each Friday called “Horse Happy Hour” in hopes of spurring local interest in owning and racing horses. “The response has been phenomenal,” says Pam. “We’ve met so many new people and made so many great friendships since the show began.” OHRP also sponsors an equestrian event called the Horsepalooza festival in Grants Pass, OR during the summer, which brings riders and horse enthusiasts together for food, rides, and workshops. Other events include Horse Shows in Medford, OR; the Friends of Horses in Tigard; the Oregon Horse shows at the Medford Fairgrounds and Horsepalooza Portland.

If you want to get away from it all, Horse Country offers the Clifton Saddler Club’s “Equestrian Spectacular” in Grants Pass during the month of May. This six-day event is jam-packed with activities, competitions, and fun. On the day of the event, the group welcomes guests to horse country riding clubs throughout the county. Proceeds from the event benefit the club’s youth programs.


Horse lovers will also want to check out “Horse Tribute to Oregon” in Grants Pass during October. The Willamette Horsemanship School invites riders and other horse lovers to come out and learn about caring and being a professional horseman. There are also workshops available from the Horse Whisperer’s Resource Center in Grants Pass that teach equine riders basic skills like obedience, showmanship, and the basics of horse health. The center also offers classes that focus on growing and selling horses. Classes for kids include barn dancing and yodeling.

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