New Kitten Not Eating

New Kitten Not Eating questions. When a new kitten arrives in the home, the new owner needs to begin training it to eat on its own, or as soon as it can get around to it. Many kittens that are not eating quickly and properly will often growl, whine and scratch at their chin or mouth, and if you don’t train your kitten to stop doing this, then eventually they may just growl and grow into bigger problems. Once you’ve begun to train your kitten, it’s very important to feed it at the same time every day, as soon as you bring it home from the breeder, or from an animal shelter.

What to do for the New Cat to Eat?

  • One way of teaching your kitten to eat on its own is by gradually increasing the time it has to wait before feeding it. Start with just one hour and increase the time as your kitten gets used to having food in its mouth. Some suggest putting half a cup of water in the cage when the kitten is still being fed there, or a quarter of a cup, but whichever way you choose, it should be changed every two hours. Try to keep the cage door open at all times, so the kitten can smell the food, but try to keep the cage door closed while the kitten is eating.
  • You can also try using a small plastic bowl. This will get your kitten used to eat out of something, instead of only its bowl. You can also try rubbing the kitty’s chin on objects that make the sound of hunger, like a small block of wood, or even an old towel. It’s important that your kitten understand why you are feeding it, and that it is willing to hold it without biting or chewing.

Why is the New Cat Not Eating?

There are two common questions I get asked daily “Why is the new cat not eating?” and “How can you make it eat if it is your cat?”. The answer to the question of “Why is the new cat not eating” is very simple. Your cat has not been taught to eat on a regular basis, it is only recently that a veterinarian told you that he or she was going to have to go through this process as part of their training, and unfortunately for your cat, it has taken a little while.blank

All cats will begin to learn gradually over time, especially when a change in diet starts to take effect. When the change in food does not happen over a long period of time, then there could be an underlying cause for the lack of appetite. Many owners think that if a cat suddenly stops eating it must be ill, but this is not usually the case. Cats normally are not expected to eat all the time, normally they will only eat a small amount at one time, but if it is particularly important to you that they are eating this amount you may need to monitor them more closely. Some other reasons your cat may not be eating could be that they have eaten too much, have pent-up energy, and just don’t feel hungry.blank

If you are wondering “Why is the new cat not eating“, you should now be aware that the answer to your question is much simpler than you first thought. Your cat is not being starved to death by you, it is just not getting what it needs from you in the way of food, it’s just not used to eating at this frequency. With any new change in eating patterns, whether it is a change in the brand of cat food, a change in your own dietary habits, or even just the addition of another cat into the family, the cat has to be taught that it has to eat at this frequency. Once the cat learns to get this message, it will be able to handle the change and start to look forward to meals from now on.

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