Kellys Kennels Reviews

Kellys Kennels Reviews are in our article for you. Kellys Kennels are a favorite among dog lovers. These dog kennels are located in London, England. They were started in 1998 and they have received a great deal of attention and popularity ever since. It is one of the top dog boarding institutions in London. Their facility offers a number of services to pet owners, including boarding, grooming, vet services, and much more. They also have a number of exciting activities for the dogs including “Dog Show”, “Horse Show”, “Aurora”,” agility competition” etc. The facility also provides a large number of classes for various breeds of dogs. There are classes for show dogs and those that are in training. The best part about this boarding school is that all the animals are healthy and their vaccinations are up to date. They also follow the British Veterinary Association standards. This makes them an excellent place to take your pet.

Kellys Kennels Features

Kellys Kennels, the facility also gives you the option to visit the animals in the comfort of your home. This way you don’t have to go out and look for the dogs, which could be quite frustrating sometimes. You can simply give them a call and they will send a dog sop to your home. If you visit the kennels during different seasons you will get a good feel of the atmosphere and the way the animals are treated. In the summer they allow you to view the number of visitors, the number of times the animals have been walked, checked over, etc. In the winter they allow you to see how the animals are dressed and fed. Kellys caters to the various needs of different breeds of animals. In the summertime, they even offer classes for parrots.blank

One of the best parts about this facility is that you can have a consultation with a consultant and find out the facilities and the number of visitors during any particular time. The experts on call will give you the exact figure. You can then opt for the best dog or a cat and get a number of animal books written about them. You can also compare the features and prices and buy one of your choices. There are a number of pet shops around the premises and you can shop for your own pet. You can also visit some of the local breeders. You can always find more information on the internet as there are plenty of websites that review kennels across the world. You will get all the latest information on the facility and you can book your trip online. Kellys kennels reviews are a great place to start your search. If you have any special requirements like the disabled ones, you can also visit the special needs kennels.blank

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