Floating Horses Teeth

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Floating Horses Teeth

Floating Horses Teeth, many people own horses that do not have any cavities and their horse’s mouth does not need brushing and flossing. If your horse is not properly brushed and groomed it can lead to halitosis. This condition can also lead to infection if left untreated. Many horses require their teeth brushed as well kind of like humans do. It’s called binocular vision. Horses’ teeth are always growing and at times this can lead to having some very sharp pointed edges on their mouth. A special power brush has been designed especially for horses’ teeth and grinding these sharp edges down.

It is recommended that you only visit a veterinarian every six months for a cleaning or checking on the horse’s teeth. You can check your horse’s mouth and teeth while riding and while not riding the horse to ensure that everything looks good. You can use your hand to massage the horse’s gums and neck while brushing and flossing. This helps to stimulate the horses’ lymphatic system which cleanses the system from any plaque that could build up.

Flossing and brushing the horse’s mouth is important but when your horse is young it may be difficult for you to determine how old the horse is. A great idea to know how old your horse’s mouth is to take a photo of its mouth and compare it to a picture of a younger horse. When you find an older male horse it may be close to two years younger than a younger female. This can be a great way to determine the right age for your horse’s mouth.

Floating Horses Teeth Cost

I have had many clients who have floating horses that needed professional grooming and dental care. Some of the horses that I have had required extensive dental work. The dentist that performed the treatments had to make several visits and even extracted several teeth. It was very expensive and we never knew how far those treatments went. Floating horses teeth cost is approximately $ 15 to $ 35.

I strongly suggest that if you own a horse that is younger than nine years old that you consider professional teeth cleaning and brushing service. The cost is a lot less and it can also help prevent future tooth decay. I have recommended professional cleaning and brushing services to a number of my clients and they have all been happy with the outcome. If you have a horse that is not going to go through the process then a do-it-yourself option may be a wise choice. But for those that need a thorough dental cleaning, gum surgery, teeth brushing and other professional treatments you should definitely consider a professional service.

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