Double Rex Rats

Double Rex Rats are the preferred rodent for pet rat owners due to their availability and cost-effectiveness. They are available in rat registries like BestBuy, Walmart, and even online at places like Amazon and eBay. Doublerex rats have two reed genes that cause a double fur-free rat instead of a single with a normal fur coat. These Rats do have long, curly whiskers and tiny, usually round, ears. You will occasionally see small black dots of what appears to be hair on their head, legs, or feet. These are actually shed skin cells.

Characteristics of Double Rex Rats

Because double rex rats share so many symptoms with other rodents like guinea pigs, gerbils, and hamsters, the breed is often misdiagnosed as a guinea pig or a gerbil. A double rex does not shed fur, although they can if they want to. Unlike gerbils and hamsters, these rats are housed in cages with multiple bars to provide them with places to sleep and stretch out. There is no additional bedding. These kinds of rodents are housed in plastic cages that resemble small cardboard boxes.

While they lack hair, double rex rats still enjoy the companionship of a pet cat. A male can display dominance over the female by sniffing her and licking her. If you have a male and a female and your new baby rat has been introduced into this new family, it is advisable to keep an eye on the dominant male. Males tend to be less aggressive towards females and can be trusted to keep the females safe and secure while they bond and become familiar with each other.

When these rats are young, they only have short hair and soft fur. They have round ears that are triangular in shape and their bodies are surprisingly proportionate to their long, segmented bodies. The majority of these rats are only about half an inch long, but there are some varieties that are half an inch and even more. Their eyes are large and round with dark, almond-shaped bulbs replacing the normal round glassy ones.

Many people prefer to house these rodents in smaller cages that resemble a cat’s cage because they are less fidgety and do not like to dig. A double rex rat is a relative of the guinea pig, so it can act similarly to the way a guinea pig would. However, they do prefer to be kept in smaller rooms where they can run around and play. They love to snuggle up in small corners where there is enough room. A hairless cat is a good choice because she is calm and does not normally bite.

These are very popular pets because they are known as being very affectionate and friendly towards humans. They like to sleep on your bed and you will find them snuggling up when you brush your hair or comb your hair. A hairless rat also makes a great pet because they do not shed their coat and their coats do not accumulate under the bed or on furniture. The majority of these rats are neutered, so they are safe for children to handle. If you decide to get a furred rex, be sure that you research the breed to be sure it is a true rex and not a coat or cat breed.

November 18, 2021

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