Do Cats Claws Grow Back

Do Cats Claws Grow Back? If you have a cat you probably already know that most cats will not stop clawing even after they are fully grown. However, there are ways that you can make it so that your cat never stops clawing. One way of making sure that your cat never stops clawing is to train him not to do it. This can be very difficult because cats can be very stubborn little creatures. The best thing to do if you decide to try this method is to consult with an animal behaviorist. You will find that many animal behaviorists are familiar with claw problems in cats and they have some great suggestions for you. One of the most common suggestions is to coat the cat’s nails with an anti-nail biting liquid such as catnip. This should completely discourage your cat from using his claws to scratch.

To Enlarge Cats’ Claws

  • There are also some other very interesting suggestions that involve deforming the claw in order to encourage the growth back. In fact, one such deformed claw suggestion involves adding salt to the claw in order to encourage the growth back. Another suggestion is to cut the claws of your cat with a pair of scissors in such a way that the cut line actually grows back into the claw. There are even people who suggest giving your cat an electric shock to encourage the growth back.blank
  • It might sound like a crazy idea but you may find that giving your cat a new toy to play with will encourage him or her to start clawing again. One unusual but very effective method of encouraging the growth back is by rubbing the cat’s paws with a catnip. Make sure that you do this in a very attractive area such as around the ears. Once your cat starts scratching the ear, he or she will become interested in what you are doing.
  • You should try to encourage the re-growth of the claw if at all possible because the loss of a claw can be very distressing for your cat. This is especially the case if your cat’s lost claws grow back only partially. You will need to make a special effort to catch the claw as it comes back so you can carefully file it so it will come back whole and undamaged. It will take some time to get your cat to begin paw movement again but as long as you do not neglect the problem, your cat should be able to do so in time.blank
  • When you begin to notice that your cat is scratching more than normal when you pick them up, take them to the vet right away. Your vet should be able to recommend something that will help your cat to regain its natural ability to move its claws. He or she may recommend that you also give your cat a nutritional supplement in order to ensure that they have all the nutrients they need to keep their claws growing back. If you do not already have a good supply of these supplements, it is highly likely that your local pet store will stock them.
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